Our Organization, Our Platform, Our Vision

Who We Are

We are a fun, nature-loving environmental organization who have passion for Nature Photography. We love to show the world the importance of Nature and the best in Nature Photography.

We are a subscription-free microstock photography.

Our Platform is designed for Photographers, Graphic Artists, Web Developers and Businesses. It’s easy to use with lots of special features.

Our Photos

How They Are Collected

In our Stock, every photo is registered for Image Description for Accessibility and named using Number-and-Letter Combination Data Access Code.

(Example: bluegreenearth_photofile_0a0a)

There’s no need to rename the photos. They are truly Web-and-Print-Ready and Accessible.

Our Photo Data

How To Access Our Photo Data

The Photo Registration Data is accessible here at our site. You can find each of our Photo’s Image Registration using the Number-and-Letter Combination Data Access Code.

(Example: bluegreenearth_photofile_0a0a)

In the case of the Photo file example above, the Data Access Code is 0A0A. Using this Data Access Code and our Search BlueGreenEarth Data located at the Footer of every page of our site, you can find the Image Description of the Photo.

(To use the Image Photo file for Alt Text, refer to ‘How To Use BlueGreenEarth Photo File For Alt Text’.)

Our Photo Sales

How It Works

We pay our photographers 25% for each photo sale.

We are a very passionate organization. 25% of each photo sale will also go to selected Nature Organization to help save our planet.

Nature First, Photography Second

Nature First

Nature First is a collective group of photographers who believe that Nature is first, and Photography is second. We believe in portraying nature for its natural beauty and good impact. We make sure that we are not harming our planet and our environment or giving something harmful to it when we go out to work and take our photographs. We hope that everybody else would do the same.